Tends & suggestions for online marketing for the 2nd half of 2022

We summarize what we believe are the most important trends and developments in online marketing. If you’ve been far from your company for a while, you may have missed out on something really crucial. That is why we are more than happy to supply you with some beneficial ideas. We enjoy supplying you with some suggestions and concepts, to make sure that you are totally prepared to begin the sprint to 2023.

Internet marketing trends for the year 2022.

Cookie-free future: What are the big patterns and advancements? Data security is ending up being increasingly essential. Browsers have been attempting to prohibit third-party cookies for some time now.

Google has announced that third-party cookies will be phased out by the end of 2023 for Google Chrome users. We will inform you how to execute them. They are now putting off that goal until the second half of 2024. That will give Google more time to develop its options. Google desires a lot of time to establish a fully-fledged alternative to the so-called Personal privacy Sandbox. They are aiming to find a solution in Topics, which helps you to find out what your interests are. Google wants to find a solution in the web search function, which lets you understand which subjects you have an interest in, based on your web history in the past 3 weeks.

It may be that cookie-free websites will be the standard for many years. That would lead to your company being more competitive.

Here are some recommendations for you to help you prepare yourself.

Take a moment to get ready for the migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and carry out server-side tagging.

Invest at least 10% of your marketing budget into analytics.

If required, make your information accessible to everyone by means of Data Studio control panels.

You need to develop clear functions in your groups and get the right people in-house trained.

Google Analytics: Can Google be banned?

Google Analytics, a totally free analytics tool that can be utilized to understand how individuals are doing, is ending up being banned in more and more countries. Austria became the 4th EU country to prohibit Google Analytics. In all cases, we used to report the use of older versions of Google Analytics: Google Analytics for All.

Google Analytics is the leading service provider of totally free analytics tools. Why should Europe prohibit it? So, if you utilize Google Analytics, what should you do now?

We keep an eye on the circumstance. How can you begin to prepare for a restriction? What are the alternatives?

There are options for you to avoid the effects of a possible Google Analytics ban. Here is our advice: If Google Analytics is prohibited, what are your choices?


Make certain your Google Analytics application is working properly. Now move from Google Analytics 2.1 to Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4).

If you are fretting that Google Analytics will be prohibited in some EU countries, try to utilize an analytics tool that is from another nation. Then you can switch analytics tools relatively rapidly if required.

If you wish to avoid any legal threats, even if they are theoretical: choose a better analytics tool from Dutch and European companies. We do not extremely frequently see this take place in practice.

The Transatlantic Data Protection Structure (TDPF) in between the EU and the United States is still being developed, but it is not totally settled. Presently, there is only a draft of the Transatlantic Data Personal Privacy Framework (TDPF), and there are no laws or policies that cover the TDPF. It may be that the AP does not want to trigger any unneeded panic but is anticipating a fast ratification of the TDPF.

There was a slight panic amongst marketers when it was announced that countries like Italy would prohibit Google Analytics completely. Even though Google Analytics has ended up being really popular, lots of individuals prefer it. Specifically, paid variations of Google Analytics are progressively popular.

What are better options to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics: The lawsuits versus Google Analytics have caused a great deal of confusion and even a bit of panic among marketers. What would we do if we did not have Google Analytics? Nicolas Lierman states that it is time to alter our thinking.

It’s clear now that Google does not take very much care of the privacy of its users. (…) The fate of Google Analytics– and the data it shops– is completely in the hands of European businesses.

Move to Google Analytics 4 – What will be the makeover?

Changing from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is more crucial than ever. However, how do you approach this move? What settings should you focus on, and what links are possible to set?

Legislation is continuously being upgraded. When essential modifications are made, it is always great to update your settings.

We assist you to browse EU and Dutch legislation by bringing you the most recent info from Google Analytics. And there is much more going on in the EU that I wish to tell you about.

It is called the Digital Solutions Act. It is a common law that manages digital services.

We talked about how European politicians agreed on the Digital Services Act (DSA) in April. This law ought to ensure that things that are unlawful offline end up being illegal online. This could be related to an illegal content, like hate speech or copyright infringement, or unlawful sell products and services and disinformation. There will likewise be better guidelines to protect freedom of speech and personal information.

Big web businesses along with little and medium-sized business owners will be impacted by this, and they will have more time to adapt. My colleague Elsemieke Land will explain more about the DSA in her next article. In fact, the final text of the Digital Services Act will be released in the second half of this year, and it ought to become effective in early 2024.

New rules for online markets, rankings & discount rate codes.

New guidelines for allowing customers to evaluate items entered effect on May 28. You are only enabled to show evaluations from customers who really bought or utilized your product. You ought to specify plainly what your evaluation policy is.

Also, misLeading rate techniques will be a thing of the past thanks to the brand-new price laws. It is unclear when the price laws will enter into effect. It is not yet understood when these rules will enter into impact, but they should begin to use from May 28.

New guidelines for online marketplaces. If an online seller offers a discount for an item or a service that they have bought, he or she must inform consumers what to do with their cash and how to get it. From now on, it needs to be clear to consumers who is the real seller when shopping on an online marketplace. Rankings in online search engines must be clear, advertisements must be identifiable, and there ought to be a clear image of the commitments that your shop needs to pay.

SEO: What’s going on? What is happening with SEO?

SEO. SEO is the study of how online search engine index web pages. In the last couple of months, we have actually published numerous articles about the advancements in the SEO (seo) location. Here are some recommendations. We provide you with some ideas here.

Google is altering the way it shows search results pages in its online search engine; how can you guarantee that your SEO is still working?

Most of the developments that are occurring today have already been going on for some time. Specific things are ending up being more vital if you have a look at what Google has done recently. Some individuals (Canadian or typically American) conclude that because of the modifications that Google has made, they need to be a part of the procedure. Google began to think about more critiques of products in 2021, and it has been that lots of Item Evaluation Updates have actually been launched since then. The objective is to reward individuals who write good reviews of their products instead of those who write numerous brief evaluations about a few products on one page.

Updates to Google’s online search engine are available just in English, however, they will be presented to other languages in the future. So they are extremely pleased to rapidly deal with reviews that are written in English to create an affiliate income, for instance.

We also need to focus on dependability and E-A-T in terms of the progressively deceptive info on the web. This is not new, but it is developing rapidly. It is extremely essential to constantly enhance your credibility as a person and/or as an organization.

Extensions and other services that are essential to the web.

Nathan: I anticipate that the web vitality system will be boosted in the future. Currently, the web vitals (URL) are not impacting your search engine rankings, so you don’t have to fret about them when you get a couple of visitors to your websites. Google did say that their core web vitals would be enhanced in the future. They have actually currently made adjustments to the important things that you have to do to achieve particular scores.

This reveals that Google is serious about making websites that are friendly to people and technical optimization will end up being more vital. There has been extremely little influence on rankings recently for technical optimizations, but this might change over the next couple of years.

Impact on online advertising. What takes place if you make lots of mistakes on your website?

Google and Facebook have substantially bought to improve their services and products in recent years. Artificial intelligence algorithms are getting better and better and need fewer data to make decisions. Online marketers can completely automate a number of their activities as a result. Profit from the increasing power of artificial intelligence, however also be aware of its restrictions.

Google’s search engine result page (SERP) is constantly altering, which in turn impacts how individuals see your ads. Progressively, photos are showing up in the search results, and local searches are ending up being more vital. When it comes to online marketing, do not entirely trust your consumers.

Platforms. Stay informed of the developments that are happening on these platforms. Stay notified about the advancements that are happening and create your own method accordingly.

What is your focus in e-mail marketing? Are you concentrated on bringing individuals to your website or getting them to offer feedback?

Email customers get bored quickly. If you deliver dull material to your customers, they will soon end up being forgotten in the dark cellars of their mailboxes. Pity! If subscribers stop clicking emails, you adversely affect their open rates and, for that reason the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing.

Also, focus on the automated emails that you send. If somebody has actually been a customer of yours for a long period of time, they do not wish to read another person’s route description or ask them one more time how they are doing. Use maturity to specify your customer relationships.

Do you already have strategies for the year 2023? Whatever you decide to do, keep an eye out for these important research studies and ideas.

Conversion to the plus. If an individual goes to your site often, they will get more clients.

Perhaps you can improve something? Get influenced by the following articles: What Google is doing now will impact you, what you can do to enhance your website.

Marketing and the economic crisis.

After years of abundance, things are beginning to end up being limited. Companies that did not change well to the previous crisis or withstood the new laws of deficiency and lack of resources will have a tough time.

Do: Make a marketing preparation for 2023.

If you get great deals of new ideas and motivation from this short article, you can make great preparation for the coming months. To finish this blog, I would like to use some suggestions and concepts for establishing your marketing plan for the coming year.

How are you finishing with your marketing plan? Are you entirely satisfied with your present marketing strategy? Do you have a marketing strategy that you can fit on one A4 sheet?